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October '04
September '04
Summer 04'
...Escape From Reality...

October 6, 2004

Yeah i know...
Mood:  incredulous
Topic: October '04
Yeah I know....I never post But tripod wasnt working on the weekend so I couldn't post.

Well guess what I found out on Friday anyway!?

I was talking to Dianna during French, and she said that she had talked to Jamie the day before, and she had kind of told him that I liked him, and he told her that he liked me, and that he was too shy to aske me out, but that he might at the Haloween dance.. (eek kool huh?) AND he told her that he was thinking about dedicating a song to me at Jam-a-rama this friday...(OMG!!! THAT WOULD BE SO AMAZING!!! I HOPE HE DOES IT!!!) Because he's playing in it....Im so bringing my camera to Jam-a-rama cause a bunch of people i know are playing in it!

Okay well...that was last Friday...on to Tuesday...

It was really funny, because during lunch, I was sitting eating with Marion, Julia, Ruth, etc. and Jeremy L. came up behind me, with out me seeing, grabbed me by the shoulders and said in my ear, "Hey you see that guy over there? You look like on of him friends."

Yeah....weird as I don't even know who that guy I just thought it was funny.

Oh and by the way, we only had a half day today so we got out at 12:20. Yeah it was kool....problem is I have a stupid french test tommorow...Damn...I hope I don't fail... that WOULD SUCK!!!!

Yeah and then I went over to My old school with Joey, JM, and chantal to say hi to Ms. Campble...Sheligh (The secretary) was happy to see us...Ms. Campble was in a bad mood and said we had to leave and come back at recess...

Yeah immmm WAY to lazy for that. Lol. So we all went to the skate park to hang out for a while. :) ANd now im home....alone...nobody comes home till 6:30. :D Okay well Ill go finish up my :D

Posted by Morgan at 3:24 PM EDT

August 27, 2004

*Ding* Time to Fight
Mood:  irritated
Topic: Summer 04'
WELL....lets see....I had ANOTHER wonderful fight with my mother today. See, usually we only have our fights on Sat. but today was a special day I guess.

Yeah, so after much yelling and slamming of doors, Im not allowed to listin to musoc loud, Im not allowed to burn incense anymore, and im only allowed on the computer 1 hour a day.

Well after muttering, "Go fuck yourself," at least 6 times under my breath, I went in my room for a while to calm down, and now my mom acts like nothing is the matter and were all happy happy joy joy again; just like she always does.

Well I never forget it. Usually I'll write this all down on paper, but now that i have my blog, you can all have a peek into my personal life.

Okay well I guess thats all for now really.

Oh and i got my highschool package yesterday and it just had like the little booklet thingy with all the behaviour codes n' such. AND school starts on the 7th, and it's only for a half day. So i get out at noon. Kool. :)

WTYL. :)

Posted by Morgan at 4:03 PM EDT

August 23, 2004

Mood:  spacey
Topic: Summer 04'
Well aside from the fact that Im not posting as oftin as I should be i think my little Blog is doing quite nicely. I have like nothing to tell you today except for the fact that my neopet got painted Darigan. But that would be dorky now wouldn't it...Hmmm...Okay Im a dork. I can live with that. :)

Well I g2g eat some food now. Im hungry and my mom is yelling down that suppers ready! C ya soon!

Posted by Morgan at 5:17 PM EDT

August 20, 2004

Marion's Home!
Mood:  surprised
Topic: Summer 04'
Finally! Marion's Comming Home!!!

Got she's been away for a month, and she's finally comming home! But then again I won't achually see her till tommorow, because she's comming back around 10 tonight.

She's been So lucky all summer! She got to go to the Alice Cooper Concert in London, Mideavil Times, a Rennisance Festival, She got to see The Village twice!

Man I haven't seen a movie in theatre's since February! :(

Oh well, Im glad she had fun and I hope she took pictures...

I really hope I can convince my dad to take me to see at least one movie before school starts! :|


Posted by Morgan at 10:41 AM EDT

August 15, 2004

Backfrom Tiff's
Mood:  not sure
Topic: Summer 04'
I got back from Tiff's last night. I got to stay there for two days! Weee! I achually got to hang out with someone. lol. I've been so bored all summer, with Marion gone to Toronto with her Dad, and Tiff lives 20 mins away, I've been chilling infront of the comp pretty much all July and Aug. (As you can see im doing that right now)

Yeah Friday me n' Tiff went skating at the arena (Skating in AUGUEST! How sick is that??? Naw...not sick...just Canadian! lol)

Then she asked my mom if I could sleep over at her house. My mom achualy said yes too! Which surprised me because she was having a bit of a "Bad" day that day...Hmm...Friday the 13th and she was pissed off at me...Im so Lucky dont you think?

Well anyway I got to go and I had fun. :o) Hopefully I'll get to see her again before school starts...and hopefully Marion comes home soon!! Im SOO bored without her! :|


Posted by Morgan at 11:31 AM EDT

August 14, 2004

School Shopping
Mood:  energetic
Topic: Summer 04'
Well I went HIGHSCHOOL School supply shopping the other day. I had to get the usual pens, pencils, paper, binder(s), etc. But this time i got got get really sweet stuff for my locker!!! w00t! Locker! I finally get to have a locker!

So I got a extra locker shelf, maganetic clock, white board, stuff like that. I didn't need a lock 'cause my dad bought me one for Christmas.
Its one of those ones that are domed so you can open them with one hand...kool enough.

Yupp...sadely summer is almost over...I really don't want it to end just yet...!

Posted by Morgan at 1:01 AM EDT

August 7, 2004

New Beginning...
Mood:  not sure
Now Playing: ???
Topic: Summer 04'
Okay well this is more of a testing than an achual blog entry. Welcome to my blog and Im glad you found me! :) Please check back oftin, as I plan of posting alot. Also PLEASE comment!!! I love getting comments! Thankx! Write to y'all soon!

Posted by Morgan at 11:52 AM EDT

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