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Title: Old Beginnings and New Endings

Author: Boromirian

Rating: R maybe.

Genre: Action/Angst/Romance.

Summary: Lestat and Armand confront eachother for the first time in months. Feelings have to be dealt with accordingly.

Disclaimer: I do not own ANY of the characters mentioned in this story, although I wish I did.

Warnings: Slash male/male. Vampires. That's about it.

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Old Endings and New Beginnings


  Lestat walked the streets blindly. Why did he come back here? He always ended up back here. He should go home to New Orleans, to Louis, but he couldn't. Was he here to see Armand? He didn't know. Armand was the only one that truly believed everything he had said about his trip to heaven and hell. That story was the very thing that had driven Armand mad. Armand had cast himself into the sunlight, to free his soul, to go to God but Armand did not die. They all thought he had. Lestat himself had thought Armand dead up until only a night ago. Lestat had been in a deep sleep, for months he slept. He had not known about all those who came to see him. When he had awakened last night, Louis had been sitting crossed leg on the floor beside him. Marius was also there. David had been out. Hunting. But Lestat had seen him later. Louis told Lestat about all the other vampires that had come to see him while he slept. When Louis mentioned Armand, Lestat had asked, "Armand, He cast himself into the light. Do you mean to tell me he's not dead?"

"He is definitely not dead." Louis had replied.

"Tell me," Lestat asked, "What happened to him."

"We do not know," Marius answered, "He has not told us. Not even me, his maker."

So Lestat had come here, to see Armand he guessed, he really didn't know. He was not hungry for blood, but he wanted it anyway. The passion. He did not know how long he could go without blood. Lestat did not know why he had gone into that sleep. He did not understand it. "Armand, help me."

The desire for blood was getting to be to much for Lestat. He didn't want to take human life. He knew he was strong enough to live without blood, but the temptation was always there. "I need to find Armand." Lestat focused his mind on Armand. An image came to Lestat immediately. Armand wandering the streets, searching for his next meal. Armand always walked the streets until he found someone who wanted to die. Someone who's soul was ready to leave this Earth. Lestat was only able to trace Armand's thoughts for a few seconds before he was cut off. Armand had sensed the presence of another vampire and had closed his mind. It had been

long enough for Lestat to pin point Armand's location. Lestat started toward him.

Armand stood silently in a little Paris park. He leaned up against a nearby tree. He was waiting for Lestat. He knew it had to be Lestat. Earlier he had felt someone enter his thoughts. There would only be two that would dare to do that, one was Marius but Marius was incapable of such things, being Armand's maker. The other was Lestat. So he's woken up, Armand thought. The last time Armand had seen Lestat, he had been in that deep sleep of his. No one had understood the reason for it. Lestat had thought Armand dead, as the others had for some time. Armand heard Lestat approaching. He turned and watched as Lestat walked up to him.

"Why walk?" Armand asked smiling, "Why not just teleport yourself?"

"Not on a night like this." Lestat replied. They embraced eachother for a moment, when they broke apart Lestat kissed him. Armand was slightly surprised. He and Lestat had never really been close. They had a lot of history between them. They had gone through centuries hating each other, knowing in their minds that they loved eachother.

"Don't be so surprised," Lestat said, "I thought I had lost you to the light."

"Please, don't read my thoughts. You know I hate that."

"Armand, my love, do not be mad. I will stay out of your mind, most of the time." Lestat hooked arms with Armand, and they started to walk the street together.

"Lestat, in these times, people would disapprove if they saw us arm in arm walking the streets. They would say it's not proper."

"Humans, what do they know. Let them think what they will." Lestat slowed to a stop, he turned and faced Armand. "Are you going to tell me what happened to you?"

"Are you going to tell me why you decided to go into that sleep of yours." Armand said a little coldly.

"I do not know," Lestat said starting to walk again. "I was hoping you could help me find out."

Hoping to change the subject Lestat said, "Have you seen other vampires about?"

"No, you know I keep to myself."

"Come with me," Lestat said, "We will go somewhere where we can talk."

They had not been walking long when Armand asked, "Where are you taking me?"

They walked together still arm in arm. "I thought we might go back to the Theatre, or what's left of it, after Louis was done with it."

Armand stopped. "The Theatre? Why? That is definitely part of the past I do not want to revisit."

"Ah, but Armand, I remember the Theatre before it was a place of vampires. It was beautiful. And I was the main attraction, and still mortal imagine that!"

"Lestat, please explain to me why you are here. Why do we keep finding each other, only to lose eachother over some argument, or something stupid?"

"Armand you know that vampires do not get along with other vampires. It is our nature." Lestat said this and started to walk again.

"But with us it is different. You have had your share of arguments with Louis and Marius but you all ways make up. Look what happened with us. When you left me for your mother I was left broken and lost. And look what I did to you. I refused to help you after all that happened with Louis, when you needed blood from me. We've both wanted blood from each other and we've never had it. I even tried to take it from you by force, and we both remember what happened then."

Lestat laughed. "I remember, I was furious with you. Your lucky I didn't kill you."

"Is that supposed to be comforting?" Armand asked smiling.

"Please, do not argue with me. Be happy we have found each other once again."

"For a time, it will not last long, it never does." Armand pulled Lestat closer to him as they walked.

"Lestat stop," Armand said quietly, walking in front of Lestat and grabbing his shoulders lightly. "There's another vampire there."

Lestat looked slightly annoyed. "Armand, I know. I thought we could go there, then scare her away. When she realizes who I am, she has to be scared."

"Ah yes. The Vampire Lestat. Who doesn't know you. But what about The Vampire Armand, no fear there I see."

"Armand you are older then me, and you are smarter, you follow the rules of the vampires. While I hope they make new ones just so I may break them."

"Do you really find it necessary to scare this young vampire out of her wits?"

"Do not be like that Armand, if she's gone when we get there then we won't have a problem."

"Lestat I am going to ask you again, why are you here. Why did you call for my help?"

"You heard that?" Lestat asked, suddenly somber.

"Of course, how could I not. You called to me, but I do not know why."

"Come sit down," Lestat said, grabbing Armand and pulling him over to a grassy area. "I think you can help me understand why I went into that sleep."

"I am not the person you should be taking to. Talk to Marius or David."

"Yes, well, I think you had something to do with me going to sleep in the first place. After you threw yourself into the fire I was lost. And guilty. It was my fault you did it. Me with my problems, destroying your beliefs."

"It was not your fault. I had my own problems."

"I thought I had lost you. I screamed your name before you did it. Do you remember?"

"Yes, I do. At the time it meant nothing. I was beyond help. But I know now, that I hurt you. And Daniel...."

"Have you seen him?" Lestat asked.

"I have not seen him in years. I do not think he could handle being a vampire very well."

"I could find him, if you would like."

"No, I have you right now." Armand squeezed his hand then he said, "So you believe that sleep of yours was about me then?"

"I do not know!" Lestat yelled.

"Lestat, calm yourself. Come on lets continue on to The Theatre."


Lestat and Armand entered the theatre still arm in arm. They wandered around together for a while. Armand was not interested in being here. This place only brought back haunting memories. Lestat on the other hand couldn't have been happier.

"Armand, look at this place. It's still in good shape. It could be fixed up. Do you still own it?"

"Lestat, think about what your saying. How can you be so happy here. This place is full of broken memories for you and me. Could you really be here again and not think about Claudia?"

"That was a time when I was young. I did not know any better."

"But you have said you regret none of it."

"Claudia is a good memory. She would have died if I had not helped her. Get away from all these terrible thoughts."

"I can not, Lestat, all I think about is Claudia. I could have stopped what happened to her. But I did not."

"You could not have stopped it. You had to follow the rules of the vampires and she did try to kill me. A few times." Armand turned away from Lestat. Lestat continued to look around the theatre.

"Armand look my old dressing room. We should go have a look."

"That was the same room Nikki kept himself locked up in when he wasn't playing his violin or ranting like a mad man."

"Armand please." Lestat touched his shoulder.

"Alright, I will try my best to not think of all the bad things that happened here."

"Did you ever see me preform? Before I was a vampire?"

"How could I," Armand said smiling, "I had an underground coven to run." Lestat laughed.

"Come on then, let's go have a look at my old room."

When they entered the room, they could immediately tell that things had been recently moved around.

"She's been in my room," Lestat said with a hint of anger.

"It looks like she means to make it her own." Armand said, he was not really surprised. Vampires moved around from time to time. Armand himself had one home in Paris. When he went other places he relied on other vampires or hotel rooms for sleeping. Lestat on the other hand had many homes all over the world. But the place he spent most of his time was in New Orleans with Louis.

"Well," Armand said, "What is the Vampire Lestat going to do about this intruding female vampire?"

"We will have to wait here for her." Lestat said calmly. "She's coming back."

"Lestat, we still have not discussed our situation."

"We will. Sometime tonight, the night is still young." They waited for some time, then Armand said, "She's coming. Please, Lestat don't scare her too much."

"I won't," Lestat said, "As long as she cooperates. I will let her have the first word."

"Why bother? Haven't you all ready read her thoughts, I have."

"Armand, just play along with me. Trust me you will have fun."

The female vampire entered the room, she stood in the doorway not moving.

""Lestat, she's not saying anything.""

""I will start then, if she's that scared. Her maker should never have left her so soon."" Lestat walked over to the girl. Already knowing her name he said, "Morgana, I understand you would like to make this place," He said this waving his hand out in front of himself, "your new home. I ask kindly that you don't. My friend here still owns this building, and this here is my room, it has been for many, many years." Lestat stood waiting for her to answer. He felt Armand scanning his thoughts for his next move. He did not actually know what he was going to do next, so Armand would find no answers. Although he did hope she would ask who they were, he always loved the reactions of others when he said who he was. Armand was quite popular now to. It was not to often that new vampires were found after what Akasha did. Marius had set a new rule that no new vampires were to be made. Lestat had of course broken that rule by making David, but many others soon followed his example. There were still very few of their kind left.

"I have to stay here." She said, " coffin....Wait! How did you know my name?" She put her hands to here face. "Oh, God this is to much."

This time Armand replied, "There is no God that cares about us. Children of the Night."

"There are a few hours of darkness left," Lestat said without looking at Armand, "I suggest you use them wisely."

Morgana suddenly snapped at them, "God! It's nothing more than a mortal habit! And if he did care, I wouldn't be in the position I'm in right now! Fine! I'll go!

Morgana turned to leave. She stopped and looked back at them.

"Who are you anyway?"

Armand was getting a little frustrated. He said, "Now is not the time to discuss religion. And I am not one you would want to start a conversation about religion with." Lestat smiled.

"He is absolutely right. As for who we are, I am The Vampire Lestat, and this," he said waving his hand toward Armand, "is The Vampire Armand. I am sure you have heard of us."

"Well, yes I have heard about you. Lazarius told me stories about the vampire Lestat and the vampire Armand, though I do not know how much of them were true." she said.

"This Lazarius vampire, I have never heard of him, he can't be very old." Armand said dryly. ""Lestat this is getting ridiculous, finish this now or lets go.""

"My dear," Lestat said, "Armand here is getting impatient, you must make your choice now." Armand looked even more impatient but he did not say anything.

"Lazarius was 75 years old, if u wanted to know. And anyway, like I said before, I'll leave. If you don't mind I would like to leave my coffin here tonight and fetch it tomorrow night. I'll find somewhere else to sleep tonight. Be it the ground or a cemetery." she said, turning back toward the door ans leaving the room.

"75 that's hard to believe." Armand said.

"We might be seeing her again." Lestat said.

"I could careless," Armand said plainly, "I have never met a female vampire I liked with the exception of Pandora."

"You and my mother certainly did not get along."

"She is the reason you left me." Armand said.

"How did you get back here?" Lestat asked frustrated.

"You wanted to talk about us. But what is there to talk about anymore? We only hurt each other. You would be better off to go back to Louis, in New Orleans. We will see each other in another century, and we will find something new to argue about. I went to see you because I did not know if you would wake again, I did not know this was going to happen. Lestat, we're no good for eachother we never have been, I knew that the first moment you left me."

Lestat's eyes were red with unshed tears. Armand turned away from him.

"Armand, you cannot really want me to leave."

Armand felt Lestat search his mind for answers, but no answers were there to be found.

"Lestat, you know I don't want you to leave, but we can never be together. As I said before, we only hurt eachother, there is to much history between us. Armand was in tears himself now, they ran freely down his face. He turned back to Lestat. Lestat had released his own tears and his face was red and wet..

"Armand I cannot leave," Lestat hesitated before he said, "I love you."

Armand laughed. "But who do you not love?" He questioned, "You fall in love with every vampire you meet, mortals to. Think about it Lestat, you even fell in love with the devil himself."

Lestat was silent. For once in his long life, he did not know what to say.

"Go home Lestat."

"Our love is different!" Lestat yelled,

"Really? What is our love like then? Is it like you and Louis who live together and can hardly stand eachother? Or is it like Marius and I, he let me believe he was dead for hundreds of years. Or maybe our love is like you and Gabrielle, when's the last time you saw her. Maybe we're like Daniel and I, he left me because he couldn't stand to be around me anymore. So which is it Lestat? Where does our love story fit in?"

Lestat was quiet the he said, "Can you really tell me you don't love me?"

"Of course I love you," Armand whispered. "That is why you need to leave."

Lestat calmed a little then said, "If I leave you now, I will die."

Armand smiled again. "Now that is hard to believe. I do not think it is possible to kill the Vampire Lestat."

"Do not play with me Armand, I'm being serious, maybe we need to prove our love?" Lestat stepped toward Armand. Armand could see the hunger in Lestat's eyes.

"Lestat, you are not yourself." Armand backed away, before he knew it, Lestat was on him.

Armand felt the blood being slowly drained from him. Lestat took Armand's head and pressed it against his own neck. Armand opened his mouth and pressed his own tiny teeth into Lestat. The pleasure was instantaneous. Armand felt Lestat's blood course through him. The blood of vampires was always different then that of mortals. It was richer. Armand felt the passion surge into his being. He rapped his arms Lestat's body. Armand had the blood of Marius many times, but Lestat's was different. It was more vibrant. This is it, Armand thought, this is what I've waited for. Armand got lost in his thoughts, and the pleasure of the moment.

Lestat had no idea what had caused him to attack Armand, the heat of the moment perhaps. They had both wanted this for so long. Lestat embraced Armand then sunk his teeth deep into his neck. He was captured immediately by pure ecstasy. Lestat could feel Armand's soul burning in him. Although the pleasure of the moment was monstrous, Lestat was afraid he had made a mistake. Only a few seconds had gone by since Lestat first attacked Armand. Lestat was worried because Armand had not moved. Lestat raised his hand to Armand's head, and pressed it against his own neck. The hesitation was momentary. Lestat felt Armand press his teeth into him, and then they were one. This is what I've been searching for Lestat thought. He felt Armand wrap his arms around him.

There was no sense of time between them. They were both lost in each other. There passion was broken when Lestat felt the teeth leave his neck, and he felt Armand go limp in his arms. Lestat held Armand up and looked at him. His face was calm and peaceful, he appeared to be asleep. He's fainted, Lestat thought. Lestat picked up Armand and carried him out of the theatre. Lestat decided he would take him to Armand's own home. Lestat had no trouble finding it. When he got to the door, he easily opened the lock with his mind. Lestat took no time to look around. He went directly to the bed and placed Armand upon it. Lestat did not know if it was best to try to wake Armand, or to let him sleep. He decided to let him sleep. Lestat sat down in a chair by the bed and waited.

Lestat sat silently beside Armand as he slept. He now took the time to look around Armand's home. The place was very small. Lestat now realized that the room they were in was the only room in the whole house. The room was adorned with 16th, 17th, and 18th century furniture. The curtains were blue velvet. Lestat got up and walked to the closet. It held only five suits. Three of sky blue, one green and the last red. The suit Armand was wearing at the moment was red also. All the suits were made of velvet and silk, and they of course had an old fashioned look to them. They whole place was nothing like what Lestat had expected it to be. Lestat had thought Armand would live big with the money he had. Armand stirred in his sleep. Lestat went back to the chair and sat down once more. He took Armand's hand in his own, he found it cold. Cold for a vampire, he thought. He lifted the covers over Armand's body. Lestat decided he would wake Armand up.

"Armand," Lestat said, "Armand wake up, it's Lestat, wake up." Suddenly Lestat thought how familiar this all was. Not too long ago vampires surrounded him, trying to wake him up, Armand included. Lestat was worried, maybe what happened to him was happening to Armand, maybe Armand would stay asleep. Just as he thought that, Armand stirred again. He was now lying completely on his back, facing the ceiling. With his eyes still closed he said, "Why did you do that?"

"I had to wake you up, I.."

"Not that. Why did you attack me?"

"I do not know," Lestat said in all honesty. "Are you alright, Armand?"

"That is something I do not know the answer to. I think you should leave for now, Lestat."

"Armand, I can't leave now."

"You don't have to leave Paris, just leave me for awhile."

Lestat was about to protest he opened his mouth to talk but before he could start Armand said, "Lestat, go."

Lestat looked down at the vampire before him. The face of an angel he thought. "If I am an angel paint me with black wings." A now famous quote of Armand's, it chilled him. Lestat got up and left.

Armand waited until he was sure Lestat was gone then he opened his eyes. He starred at the ceiling. What was he to do now? Armand had no idea. There was only about an hour left till sunrise, Armand prepared himself for the daily sleep.

Armand spent a long time trying to sort out his feelings about what had happened. The most truthful thing he could decipher was the fact that they were vampires. They were not mortal. They should not try and pretend that they were.

"I am a child of darkness," Armand spoke quietly to himself, "A creature of the night. Borne of a monster, only to become one myself."

It had been a few days since Armand had last seen Lestat. Armand could still feel Lestat's blood throughout him. During this time of thought Armand found himself deeply depressed.

"Can a monster even love?" Thoughts of killing himself arose but were soon vanished because, of course, he had tried that and had been unsuccessful. For now he would just sit here, and continue to think.

The streets of Paris can be beautiful and they are most of the time, but to Lestat it felt like hell. And he himself knew what hell felt like. He knew that Armand needed time to reflect on what had happened between them. Lestat still did not know why he attacked Armand like he did. He no longer cared. Their connection had seemed right. No, it hadn't seemed right it was right. Lestat was able to let go of the past. He forgave himself for what happened to Nikki, and what happened to Claudia although that had only happened recently. Armand could not let go of the past. Lestat was afraid it would continue to haunt him. It had been days already, why hadn't Armand contacted him. Lestat knew he could read Armand's thoughts from right where he was, but he wouldn't. At least not yet. Lestat looked up, almost like sensing it before it came. Rain. A bad omen, Lestat thought. "Who believes in omens?" "Who believes in vampires," another part of his mind challenged him. He laughed out loud. Who was left to defend you when your own mind turned against you? "Maybe your insane." That same past of his mind stated. Good then, Lestat thought, insane people always look like their having fun. In truth he was not scared of insanity. Insane vampire's killed themselves, he had already tried that, so where did that leave him? "Go find Armand and talk to him." A practical part of his mind tried to tell him. But what use was that? What more was there for them to say? "Then why are you still here?" Lestat didn't know. He just went on walking, in the rain.

A few more days passed and Lestat started to get worried. He decided to go see Armand. When he got there, he opened the door and walked in. Armand was sitting by the window. Lestat thought he looked sickly. Lestat didn't even know if a vampire's skin could get paler then it already was, but if it could, then Armand was deadly pale.

"Armand," Lestat said quietly. Armand turned suddenly, as if he had been startled. He didn't even hear me coming, Lestat thought.

"Armand, I want you to come to New Orleans, and stay with Louis and I."

"Paris is my city, Lestat. I don't think I could leave."

"I think that's part of your problem. You've been here to long. Just come and stay with us for a short time see how you like it." Lestat paused then added, "It could be us, starting over. A new ending to our story."

"Alright then," Armand said standing up and the same time. "Take me there."

Lestat smiled.


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