Blood Drop

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The Orchard of Dark Illusions.
Welcome to the Orchard of Dark Illusions. It is a place for expression of the spirit, be it by, fan fiction, poetry or art. Feel welcome to explore the orchard and share your voice with us. We welcome it warmly.
-Boromirian & Alatari (The Owners)

Alatari's Comments:'s been so long since I've updated my lil blog thing here I though since it was already February it was time for a change. I am Alatari, (If you couldn't already and I am the creator of this site. I started it up back in Sept. last year, (with Boromirian's suggestion) and it has gone through many changes since then. It started under the name "Fan Fiction" and included just that. Our fanfiction. But now I'm happy to say in the last few months we have expanded to include my art, Boro's poetry, and even some original stories. :) Well...I hope you enjoy what were doing and enjoy your stay in The Orchard of Dark illusions...have fun and Lose Yourself in The Orchard!

Boromirian's Comments:
Hello, I am Boromirian, your fearless.....Queen. Not dark, but beautiful and terrible as the dawn, treacherous as the sea! Stronger than the foundations of the earth! All shall love me and despair!......Uh...sorry about that.....I don’t know what happened to me there.....Anyway our fan fiction site is just getting on it’s feet. Many stories are currently in progress. But, if you like Anne Rice Vampires, and Lord of the Rings, especially Boromir *faints* then this is the place for you. Have fun.  

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All Fan fiction either written by Marion 'Boromirian' Brennan and/or Morgan 'Alatari' Dunbar. We reserve the rights to it. All fan fiction is written without the concent of the Authors of our favorite books, these stories are based upon. This is supposed to be fun. Enjoy it!