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Coming Soon!
Were posting on this page any stories were in the creative process of writting at the moment...just a heads up on what to expect soon. :o)

  • There's a rumour that we might be putting up some IWTV music videos up soon, but once again, nothing is definite.


  • We have 1 upcoming story at the moment, Haven's Tavern, writen by yours truly (Alatari), but I don't promise's an old story by me and I'm still learning. :o)


  • More Poems from Boromirian expected soon!


All Fan fiction either written by Marion 'Boromirian' Brennan and/or Morgan 'Alatari' Dunbar. We reserve the rights to it. All fan fiction is written without the concent of the Authors of our favorite books, these stories are based upon. This is supposed to be fun. Enjoy it!