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The Orchard Fan Fiction
Welcome to The Orchard of Dark Illusions Fan Fiction page. The basis of our stories are either Lord of the Rings or The Vampire Chronicles. The seeds of the stories were not planted by us, we owe that to J. R.R. Tolkien and Anne Rice. We have taken the seeds and manipulated and shaped them to our own devising. No offence is in any way intended. If slash doesn’t drive your stream, then The Orchard is not the place for you. For the rest of you, have fun amongst the blossoms.
-Boromirian & Alatari (The Owners)

Hey guys! Now we have other stories here too! Written by some other people who check out our site! If you write Fan Fiction you might be able to get your's on here too!

Anything Else (R)

Crossover Jeopardy (PG-13)

Vampires of The Ring (PG-15)

All Fan fiction either written by Marion 'Boromirian' Brennan and/or Morgan 'Alatari' Dunbar. We reserve the rights to it. All fan fiction is written without the concent of the Authors of our favorite books, these stories are based upon. This is supposed to be fun. Enjoy it!